Cash for Junk Cars

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Cash for Junk Cars Los Angeles

Cash for Junk Cars Los Angeles,, is the quick, simple way to sell your junk car. Call us for a free quote, we come to you with cash in hand, at a time convenient to you. We pay cash for junk cars seven days per week. Call us now, fast cash in your hand and that junk car gone.

How to Scrap a Junk Car

Sell a car that’s been laying around too long. Make some room in your driveway and get cash for your pocket. We recycle cars around Los Angeles. It gives extra work to our tow trucks and we make a lot of friends. We believe our cash for junk car program is the best in town. We tow cars from behind the barn, out of the car port, from under ground garages. It takes specialized equipment to move a disabled car, we have the proper gear. We buy cars in any shape. We tow away junk cars with expired registration, lost title, flat tires, dead battery, wont start, transmission problems, collision damage.

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